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Our Philosophy

Duty point specific fan design

  • Aerodynamic duty point (CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Structural integrity (FEA – Finite Element Analysis)
  • Targeted dynamic (vibrational) response (FEA Modal Analysis)
  • Fan aerodynamic and structural characteristics verified by independent third party evaluation

Key features

  • No catalogues – each design unique to specific application/system
  • High aerodynamic efficiencies combined with maximum protection against the effect of wind
  • Blade configuration based on aviation industry principles
  • High structural safety factor to guard against failure and fatigue
  • Dynamic tuning to avoid dangerous resonance effects
  • Reduction in blade and hub weight to reduce drive train stress
  • Unique indexing system for accurate and fast blade angle setting/changes

State of the art production

  • High quality resins not subject to the effects of aging
  • CNC cutting of all fiber components
  • Resin infusion process to ensure accuracy and repeatability
  • Blade weight differences < 0.8%
  • Blade mass distribution differences < 0.6%

Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them. – James A. Michener

Meet The Owners

Chris Meyer

Completed a PhD under the supervision of Prof Detlev Kröger (University of Stellenbosch) investigating the aerodynamic performance of dry-cooled systems.
Currently a professor at the University of Stellenbosch with a research focus on large-scale dry-cooled systems.
Responsible for structural integrity and aerodynamic development.

Hans van Kamp

Formal training at Fokker Industries in aerodynamic and structural engineering.

20 years experience working with advanced plastics and manufacturing processes.

Responsible for structural design and manufacturing.