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Increased flow rates

Stresses reduction
on blades and

Light-weight blades, hubs and hub components 

Reduced power consumption

State of the art

We manufacture fans suited to our clients’ needs. We strive to deliver the optimal product using state-of-the-art techniques for aerodynamic, structural and dynamic design and manufacture.

We manufacture components specific to your requirements.


  • Resin-infused shell with core material
  • Transfers local aerodynamic forces to the spar


  • Resin-infused
  • Transfers the combined aerodynamic load to the hub

Structural Hubs

  • Metal disc –¬†represents the current industry standard
  • Composite hub – light-weight with superior strength

Aerodynamic Hubs

  • Resin-infused and light-weight

Clamping Systems

  • Accurate blade angle indexing system
  • Separate bolts for fastening (no U bolts)
  • Locking mechanism to ensure bolts retain torque

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